MYM vs OnlyFans: Which is the best site to win in 2023?

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MYM and OnlyFans are popular platforms for creating adult content and earning money. Although they have much in common, they have a few key differences that can help users choose the platform that suits them best.

First of all, in terms of popularity, OnlyFans is much better known than MYM. It has a larger and more diverse user base, which can help content creators reach a wider audience. But it’s also a big problem, because as there are more users on Onlyfans, there’s more competition and so it’s harder to start making money.MYM is smaller and more nested, which can be beneficial for content creators looking to stand out in a specific field.

As far as content policies are concerned, both platforms have strict rules on NSFW content and explicitly prohibit illegal content. However, OnlyFans is considered to be more tolerant of content than MYM. Content creators on OnlyFans can publish a wider variety of content without the risk of being banned. MYM, on the other hand, is known to be stricter. MYM has implemented strict policies to prevent fraud and abuse, providing a more reliable and secure experience for its users.

On the revenue side, both platforms have similar payment models, where content creators can earn money by selling exclusive content or accepting tips from their fans. OnlyFans has a fixed payout percentage of 80%. MYM has the highest commission rate. They offer different rates depending on the service paid for by the subscriber, ranging from 75% to 90%.

MYM attaches great importance to customer support and user satisfaction. Designers can count on a responsive and dedicated support team, ready to help with any problem or question. This focus on service quality helps build user loyalty and strengthens MYM’s reputation.

Ultimately, the choice between MYM and OnlyFans will depend on the individual preferences of each content creator. OnlyFans is more popular and has more tolerant content policies, while MYM is smaller and more nested, with privacy and personal data security policies.

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