Small competition. Big income online: How can men make money with photos?

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MyM Fans is an online service for content creators and their fans. The fundamental principle of the platform is that creators offer exclusive content, accessible by subscription or payment. This content can include photos, videos, texts, live broadcasts and much more.
Men represent only


of this platform, but they are highly sought-after by women. This gives them the opportunity to earn up to 100,000 euros a month.

Why are women interested in photos of men on MyM Fans?

There are many reasons why women might be interested in photos of men on MyM Fans:

Fantasies and dreams

Like men, women have their own sexual fantasies and dreams, which can be expressed through beautiful, aesthetically pleasing photos. By browsing content on MyM Fans, they can enjoy images that match their tastes and preferences.

Intimate interests

Contemporary women are increasingly open about their sexuality and interests. Some may be interested in studying and understanding male sexuality and attractiveness, which makes male photo content on MyM Fans appealing to this audience.

Desire for support and admiration

By actively subscribing to creators’ content on MyM Fans, women can show their support and admiration for men’s creative talent and their ability to portray beauty through photos.

How can men make money with photos as content creators on MyM Fans?

For men looking to earn money with photos as content creators on MyM Fans, it’s important to consider several important aspects:

Content quality: Before you start selling content, it’s essential to guarantee its quality. Photos must be well-lit, aesthetically pleasing and attractive to attract the audience.

Identifying your target audience: Understanding your target audience will help you define the theme and style of your photos. Successful content creators on MyM Fans tailor their creativity to the interests of their audience.

Regular content updates: To attract and retain subscribers, it’s important to update content regularly. This will help maintain public interest and stimulate new subscriptions.

Promotion and marketing: An essential aspect of success on
is the ability to promote its content. Use social networks, blogs and other platforms to attract new subscribers.

Audience interaction: Listen to your audience and interact with them. Responding to comments and requests will create an atmosphere of trust and support.


MyM Fans offers a unique opportunity for men to earn money with their creations in the form of exclusive photos.
It’s now easy to become one of the first and quickly promote your content.

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